These are danogutierrez's notes on Baby In Death Can I Rest Next To Your Grave by Sun Kil Moon & The Album Leaf.

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I love to watch the pigeons flutter
don't mind the bums sleeping in the gutters
In San Francisco's Tenderloin
I walk the streets and feel the joy

I love to watch the kittens sleep
in the bookstore window down the street
They warm my heart, they give me comfort
like newborn baby birds

My life work takes me away from my baby
she knows that
When I sing her off to sleep
that in the morning I'm gonna leave
Off to far and cryptic worlds
where the oceans and planets swirl
where the nature turns and twists
it's knife into the back of happiness

I took a bus to Jerusalem
and took a peek at the dead sea
Got stuck in a traffic jam
on the way back to Tel Aviv

'Coulda been the scorching red sky
'coulda been the sand in my eyes
but I think I missed the rock that Jesus touched
and the wall where the jews cried

But the young girls looked lovely
soaking in the sun
in their army fatigues smoking cigarettes [?]
And the boys looked displaced
in their crew cuts and shades
holding AK47s at 21 years of age

Flew to Melbourne Australia
flew from Adelaide to Perth
Never saw the indigenous
never saw the sun
It rained all the evening
it rained all the day
Never got to see the outback
or visit Bon Scott's grave

Woke up in Miami
drove to West Palm Beach Florida
Still not a sight of crocodile or a giant tortoise
Floated up to the sky
where the sun lost its glow
When my plane touched the runway
I was looking off at the snow

Scraped my feet from Vancouver
to Calgary to Halifax
Dragged my spanish guitar a hundred times
across the european lands

Flew to Taipei, flew to Singapore
flew to Tokyo, flew to Seoul
Though they welcomed me with kindness
I felt painfully alone

Shared a moment with a sweetie
who put came home fingers crossed
Tired as a pre-war penny
and the shame it set in
when my love saw my face
but her water's [?]
shall in time be erased

And I woke from a dream where I asked to be saved
and said 'baby in death can I rest next to your grave?'
and I woke from a dream where I asked to be saved
and said 'baby in death can I rest next to your grave?'

Where will your soul go?
Where are you gonna be buried?
In whose hands is your coffin gonna be carried?
Or are these the thoughts, those that you would not rather?
When will you die? Where will your ashes be scattered?

If you don't want me in death
then please drop my remains
in the nearest Tenderloin gutter
and I won't complain
Next to the homeless
for we are all brothers
next to the pigeons
and I watch them flutter


[1] Love the tempo & how the thing builds up with minimal instrumentation

[2] The singer has a drunk poet's cadence & tone.

[3] Lyrics are very well written. I like how the words make you travel around the world.

[4] Amazing, amazing, amazing. My new favorite song.