These are diegoeche's notes on One More Red Nightmare by King Crimson.

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Pan American nightmare
Ten thousand feet fun-fair
Convinced that I don't care
It's safe as houses I swear
I was just sitting musing
The virtues of cruising
When altitude dropping
My ears started popping
One more red nightmare


Sweat beginning to pour down
My neck as I turn round
I heard fortune shouting
"Get off of this outing!"
A farewell swan song - see
You know how turbulence can be
The stewardess made me
But the captain forbade me
One more red nightmare




Reality stirred me
My angel had heard me
The prayer had been answered
A reprieve has been granted

The dream was now broken
Thought rudely awoken
Really safe and sound
Asleep on the Greyhound
One more red nightmare

[1] Is that an effect or a keyboard? I love it!

[2] Again... they didn't repeat the last formula. The bass... the fucking bass!

[3] And there it goes... The saxo comes in...

[4] And now it goes again to the after-chorus