These are doctorinfierno's notes on The Only Way (Hymn) by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

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People has stirred moved by the word.
Kneel at the shrine, deceived by the wine.
How was the earth conceived? Infinite space.[2]
Is there such a place? You must believe in the human race. [3]

Can you believe, God makes you breathe.
Why did he lose six million Jews.

Touched by the wings, fears angel brings
Sad winter storm, grey autumn dawn
Who looks on life itself, who lights your way?
Only you can say. How can you just obey?
His the only way.

Don't heed the word, now that you've heard.
Don't be afraid: man is man made.
And when the our comes, don't turn the away.
Face the light of day. And do it your away.
His the only way.

[1] Al quotes by Keith Emerson, taken from this interview


“I’m on the pipe organ. What a brilliant sound. I found this church organ, and I learned some Bach piece on it. It’s a whole different approach playing a pipe organ, particularly when it comes to the feet – I’m not Fred Astaire on the foot pedals."


“I got around that, though. The piece is in F, so I just planted my foot on the F pedal and played everything else like I was doing the piano. But it’s kind of weird, though – you get this delay. That took a while to get used to. I worked a little Bach French Suite in D minor in there. I was quite pleased.


“I have no idea about words. I remember Greg going into the vocal box to sing it, and Carl and I were sitting in the control room wondering how it was all going to come out. Suddenly, we hear Greg sing, ‘Why did he lose six million Jews?’ That kind of halted the proceedings for a while. We had to consider that. ‘Do we really want to go there? This is too heavy… ‘ But Greg was like, ‘This is what it’s about.’”


“We recorded it with a mobile recording facility. There was no way to bring the pipe organ to Advision Studios, and of course, there were no computers and samples and everything that you have now. But it worked out well. Greg and I realized that we had a song, and then he went off to work out the lyrics.