These are febuiles' notes on Disease, Injury, Madness by Between The Buried And Me.

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Between The Buried And Me - Disease, Injury, Madness

Don't think. Don't speak. I will do this for you.
Every natural thought or feeling you've ever had will change tonight.
Don't think. Don't speak. I will do this for you.
Trust the pedestal, for now we become a higher being.

I am your new mind.
I am your new you.
I am your new sin.
I am your new lust.
I am for you now.

Control... and collapse... collide.

A letter plagued by a twisted word [1]. Slave. You will become mine, for there are no more options.
There will not be a sweet consolation... this is what is supposed to happen.
A predetermined destiny put in motion by my stronger power.
You are me.

I sit on this dirty floor. A weak mind for a cause. A cause I do not know. Don't know what to live for.
A compliment I've never heard. A comfort I've never felt... it's here, even though it won't last for long.

Sit down. Stand up please. Lay down... drink this please. You'll be in peace soon.

A tribe within itself... A vision I will display... to blind the caring [2]. I have regrets.
A tribe within myself... A vision I will display... to blind the caring.
Too late...

I am a cult by definition. I am a friend by first impression.
My task: to recycle this earth. To not repeat human history.
Start from scratch... rid every sound.
Deconstruct... deconstruct all.

I've bid every method into the hands of my employees.
(I am a cult by definition. I am a scientist by default.)
I have saved you.
Now you will follow my journey... my destiny.
Tonight's your death. Resurrect my new you [3]

I am a cult by definition. I will end this human world.
This world is shit and I have proved this with my followers.
Fuck humanity, end life. You are now dead, and I soon will be.

Disease, injury, madness.

[1] A contract? These guys are angry.

[2] Ok, they're pro's.

[3] The evil guy here is James Bond+ evil.