These are febuiles' notes on She Didn't Lose Her Baby by NOFX.

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So she cried alone for hours
And she did lines off the floor
And she thought of the unthinkable
Then she crushed up even more
She never thought they'd take away her baby
She didn't even know that anybody could
And even though she was the only parent
They still took him from her arms for his own good

He didn't scream, he had look of relief
His eyes never looked back into hours
He went right to the nurse
One blink and he was gone

So she cried alone for weeks on end
And she used up every vein
And she tried the unthikable
Anything to stop the pain
She never thought they'd take her freedom
She didn't even think that anybody cared
They claimed she was a danger for herself
So they put her in a place to get repaired

She didn't scream, she had a look of resign
She couldn't find a reason to fight
The darkest won't reach dawn
One blink and she was gone