These are febuiles' notes on Stoke Extinguisher by NOFX.

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Foreign tabs, powders and booze,
How ludicrous with some much to lose
A tightrope walk on a frayed rope
A discerning slippery slope
A Soviet Roulette without a net

"We got it"

Lunatic! The O.G. narcissistic
With a “Me” impotency
A perilous recipe
What the fuck is wrong with me?

Modesty! Is for sure something I lack
A freight train without a track
Only ends in tragedy
What the fuck is wrong with me

Meaningless evocative talks
Racing lips and crushing rocks
Fixing things that weren't broke
Extinguishing everyone's stoke


Precaution! Then discarding all caution,
I consider every risk of the things I can't resist
Is there something wrong with -

Undergrounds (subterranean),
Public boudoirs (subversive),
Consenting brands (subhuman),
Permanent scars (from thousands of bruise),
Black and blue (submissive),
The status quo (subterfuge),
Warranty (subordinate),
Or bested I know.

Bested I know.