These are febuiles' notes on Things I Like by Propagandhi.

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I like Kurt Russell as Captain Ron [1].
Grace Under Pressure [2] on in almost any circumstance.
I like dark planetariums.
I like when she wears them low-cut shirts and yoga pants.
I like unbroken snow on lodgepole pine boughs.
The rusty pump of a jay’s forest communiqué.
And I like a rowdy fuckin’ Pride parade.
I like how Hedges tells it like it is. I like the sciences.
I like profound mysteries.
I like The Supremes’ “You Can’t Hurry Love” [3]
and the emergence of competing histories.
And I like the Maple Leafs cuz they remind me of me:
inconsistent, fragile, internationally reviled.
I like allegories. Cinderella stories.

Ahow ndinawemaaganiidog (Hello my relatives).
Wabanakwut ndigo (My name is Grey Cloud).
Aapijii iinzan miwenzha kete-Anishinaabeg gii-soongide’ewag (Long, long ago the old Aboriginal people were strong hearted).
Kii-gichi-anokiiwag, gii-jiikendamoog (They worked really hard, they were happy).
Aapijii iinzan gii-chikinaagoziiwag (They really looked the way they moved).
Kete-Anishinaabeg ogiiwiidookaawaawaa’ shaganaashiiwag (Those old Aboriginals supported and helped the Europeans).
Gegoo wiin wiikaa oniikesiidaa (Let us never forget). Pizaanigo Nagamok (Go ahead and sing you guys).
Nagamog isa naa! (Sing you guys!)

I like speculative fiction: dark narratives of the future that looms. Of our impending doom.