These are febuiles' notes on Wisdom Body by Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah.

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[Intro - The Mack]
No man, all bitches are the same, just like my hoes, you know
I keep em broke, wake up one morning with some money
They're subject to go crazy you know?
I keep em lookin good, pretty and all that, you know, but no dough
When I get a bitch, I got a bitch (right on)

[Ghostface Killah]
Word up
Got motherfucking brother wise
You know what I'm saying? Teaching the uncivilized
Yeah, runnin the streets, you know it's deep
Word up, check his technique, yeah
I be Ghostface, flippin the marvelous track
Yeah, you know the steelo [1], but yo, yo

Check the banging-est sounds that I invent
Fake niggas who tried to flex hard came and went
They couldn't match up with the fly nigga with his back against the wall
Heads clapped once I came in the door
I played the speaker, sipping a Kahlua
Saw this bad bitch with a switch and yo, I had to step to her
In a manner, and rather wished the current was warm
When I had reached her, I looked and knew the shit was on:
Peace, excuse me, allow to introduce myself
Yo, I'm the man, and honey, you've been rated top shelf
Yo, what's your name hon [2], hair wrapped up in a bun
Your eyes sparkle, just like glass in the sun
Never diss 'em, it's hard for a nigga just to miss 'em
Especially, when you're browsing, going fishing
Your waistline, banging like a bassline
Physical form is well complex

And yo, I love your outline, boo
Your whole body is wild, with your rugged profile
Enough to make a hard rock smile
You can't strike out, tell me what can really go wrong
You're rocking labels - Tommy Hill, down to Claiborne
Show me some love hon, show me some love boo
Show me the vibe and I'll be more than glad to shoot it through
A-yo peep it, I know you love Victoria's Secret
And loving all the marvelous slang on how I freak it
Plus, see you're the type to make a nigga crash
Far from trash, your flesh is way softer than a baby's ass

Your body lotion is the potion
The shit got me open like dust and yo, your stee is Thai potent, yo
We can go the distance, I put you under wings
From this convo we can spark and see whatever brings
I walked the hot Arabian desert, barefooted
I grabbed your hand, you grabbed my joint and knew where to put it [3]

Word up, yo, straight up and down yo
Check the joint, baby
It be the Wu-Tang production
Yeah, yeah, and all types of shit, and brothers catching repercussions
Yo, straight up

[1] The wordplay... thank you.

[2] High level poetics.

[3] <3 <3 <3