These are joselo's notes on Shackle by Activator.

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Don't you know they got me going in the worst way
And I don't care if you run and tell your kinfolk
I hold it close to my chest like its my last breath
Even though I know it's better when I'm flat broke
I turn and take a look at my better half
Is it just another dime that you're looking for?
Do you know a better way to keep my dignity?
How much does free will cost?

You let them take the rage
You let them give you these animal cages
And I don't care if I won't be the same
I won't be afraid and I won't be ashamed
All I know
Is I'm getting older
Just look over your shoulder and you'll find that I am
Halfway over the wall

Fear not what you say has no relevance
Even though it comes back and hits us tenfold
It's your image that desires all this elegance
And our hearts bleed the faces of these dead souls

Do you have a better vision of this tragedy
Do you have enough tolerance to save them all

How many dimes do you drop to make a Kennedy
Let them fall

You've destroyed what you own
Was it wrong?
It's no secret take its all before its gone