These are julianduque's notes on Whatever That Hurts by Tiamat.

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Decoctions of Jimsonweed[1]
Slimy trailing plants distil
Claustrophobia and blood mixed seed
Cursed downstairs against my will
Cobweb sticks to molten years
Cockroaches served with cream[2]
I wipe the silver bullet tears
And with every tear a dream
With every tear a dream...

Honey tea, psilocybe larvae
Honeymoon, silver spoon
Psilocybe tea[3]

Energy trickles with the tide
Masterminds and the suicide squad
Drink acid water by my side
Stake the saviour of their daily fraud
Overfilled toothpaste tubes
Sleepless and timeless faces
Drippety drop on sugarcubes
The one eyed's eye twinkles and gazes
Twinkles and gazes...

Honey tea, psilocybe larvae
Honeymoon, silver spoon
Psilocybe tea

[1] Datura Stramonium, de donde sacan la Burundanga, mas conocido en Colombia como el 'Borrachero'

[2] Yummy

[3] Psilocibina, es la sustancia que se encuentra en cierto tipo de hongos la cual causa alucinaciones