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Sara Arango (sarangof)
Paraconsistonta de tiempo completo.
Most recent song: Incubus — Rogues

Sebastián Pérez Saaibi (spsaaibi)
Entrepreneurial Percolator. Data Science Cook. Co-founder of @aentropico.
Most recent song: Cabuya — Amanecido

Daniel Gutiérrez (danogutierrez)
Admirador del merengue-house-disco
Most recent song: Bleachers — Rollercoaster

Juan Sebastian (naruse)
motorcycle hobbyist, game programmer and lover of my Bike.
Most recent song: Powerwolf — St. Satan's Day

Jose Kerguelen (doctorinfierno)
Tech, music, motorcycles, videogames, films, books, world domination
Most recent song: Sabaton — Carolus Rex

Julian Duque (julianduque)
Developer by Passion
Most recent song: Natch — Manifiesto

Bart (bart)
Music lover, bass player and freelance ruby-nut
Most recent song: System Of A Down — Chop Suey