These are febuiles' notes on Our Ghosts by A Wilhelm Scream.

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Sink traps without a catch
The last grocery bags stacked up in a pile
A laundry sack, scratched up for the automat
The cats figure out you'll be gone for a while

We could not block the arrows that poisoned your heart
Betrayed from the beginning, now too spoiled to trust
We'd work on an ending, but where would we start?
I won't pass my judgments for judges to judge

Just hashing out contingents with your ghost

The meaning well, misguided talking shit committee gathers
When their tragedy ignites a fire, dormant, weeping, battered
And the pattern is embarrassing, it only makes it sadder
Now I finally realize it and I wish it didn't matter at all

Don't push, don't pull, act, enabler
Guilt pays off in full, pay your maker
I'll be opposed to every argument, be ill with every lie
I'm not looking to be a hero, I'm not looking for a fight

I'm working out contingents with your ghost
Sorting through specifics with your ghost
Explaining my position to your ghost
I'm seeing double vision with our ghosts