These are nhocki's notes on Breakfast After 10 by Blue October.

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White kitchen walls with a thousand windows
you turn on Winston in the den
and I'm still asleep but I can hear the piano
when you make breakfast after 10
and I smell the coffee on your fingers
I still smell the perfume in the bed
the crushed linen roses are on everything
and you're still inside my head

you gotta make her know how it feels to miss you
let her know your swapping sides
you're not the one with all the problems no no
you're the one with all the pride

so just pick your head up boy and walk away
walk the coolest walk that you know
cause in a month or two she'll call you
you gotta hang up the phone

I hope she knows I've got this memory
and it won't ever seem to break or bend
a thick lock and sheetrock is on my windows in the kitchen
I don't think I'll ever take them down again

'Cause I've learned a lot from all these break ups and make ups
and fuck ups and fake ups

things that I wish you could comprehend, yeah comprehend
but for now I'll lace on my Converse shoes, boys
and I'm going on breakfast with my good friends